martedì 25 gennaio 2011

Me, myself and I

I spend my days working, my evenings preparing university exams, my nights awake thinking about my man, the future and resisting my bodys needs to dance. To dress up. To put on makeup. To show some tits with a sexy low cut shirt. To spend a day with my brother shopping in Milan and eating junk food. To cook a pie with my mum. To pet my gorgeous cats. To have dinner with friends. To go to an "all you can eat" sushi bar and spend an hour discussing all the important matters of a girls life, because it just gets out better in front of raw fish.

I wanna go home and feel like I want to have people around, instead of thinking I'm gonna smack whoever is going to disturb me.

I know I sound like a freakin cry-baby lately.
But I'm feeling something wrong and I'm not sure what it is and I'm not sure how to fight it.

3 commenti:

  1. pensa che non durerà per sempre... :)

  2. I hope you feel better :) Your comment on my blog was funny, good luck XOXO

  3. Hold your chin up, girl. Enjoy the present, no matter how hard it is. Whatever hardships you endure now will certainly work off all the obstacles and bring you much more in the future.
    God speed u!! Luv n Hugs!! Mum