giovedì 5 maggio 2011

Big things a gwaan!

Which means: big things are happening.

Well there's one particular big thing.

I'm going to dance in a video.


A video of a very good artist.

And I am soooo excited about it!!!

The artist is Zuli. Who is very well known in Torino in the reagge/hiphop/dancehall scene.

We were Facebook friends and officially met at a party a couple of years ago. 
He came up to me and said "Hey you're Beda! I'm always lookin at your pics! Seen you dance, I'm a big fan of you!!!"
And I was like "WHAT???"

He has just released his new album and he called me up a month ago asking if I wanted to be in his next video.
Obviously my answer was: "OF COURSE MAN!!!"

And apparently the time has come!!!
We'll be shooting next week!!!

Training time!!!

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