mercoledì 18 maggio 2011

Zuli - Naa Na

So...on sunday I went to Monza and shot the video with Zuli.


I guess that the good ol' narcissistic me, that's been kept away too long during my teen and early twenties, just exploded.
I loved being in front of the camera.
I usually always love being in front of an audience.
Beda and stagefright? Never met each other. And I literally mean never.

But I've never been in front of a camera like that. SO much. So intensively.
It's been a blast!!!
Zuli's producer loved me and gave me some really great feedback.
The director and director of photography were super nice, loved what i did and also gave me really really good feedback.
Zuli was ecstatic. He thanked me like...a million times.

We had sooo much fun.
The video was shot rather quickly as it was entirely done in studio (which scared me a bit at first as it was nothing more than a room with dark walls and some curtains and carpets).

I was shocked to see the images as I looked a lot better that I thought.
A couple of movement shots were just fantastic and a couple of booty shots were also like...whoa.
I did look pregnant in other shots as...well...there's no way I can really hide my big tummy when I'm dancing.

Still I had a blast.
And I really hope more will come!!!

I'll post the video as soon as it's out!!!

Yeah I'm a flexible bitch.

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