sabato 6 novembre 2010



Beauty Ambition ( is giving away...*breath in breath out*...THIS
My jaw dropped when I saw it.

I spotted this beauty in a Sephora in Torino in early September (when I went home for holidays) and remained transfixed for about 5 minutes.
But at the time I literally had NO MONEY in my pocket, nor in my wallet, nor in my bank I just had to wave goodbye with wet eyes.

And now I can have a chance to have it!!!

Here is the link for the giveaway

But don't enter it!!! I want this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

4 commenti:

  1. Carinissimo il blog:)


  2. Stai mostrando dei lati da super trendy che non avrei mai immaginato... :P

  3. @Harper Fam. don't know yet. Hope to be the lucky one! =D